Sunday, February 26, 2012

STORM RISING by By Kenneth Hoss


By Kenneth Hoss 

Kelli Storm is a lovable character with the harshness of a seasoned cop, the compassion of a loving daughter, and the frailty of an ordinary woman. Her goal in life is to be a police detective like her father who was gunned down when Kelli was ten years old. She becomes a top-notch detective, married to her work after overcoming personal obstacles from a failed marriage and substance abuse. Through the years, she’s never given up on finding her father’s killer. Kelli runs into a bit of trouble when she investigates a murder at a nightclub associated with an elusive kingpin of an international drug cartel. Kelli’s personal life becomes closely woven into the case when she finds a connection to her father's murder. The investigation affects her home, her career, and the lives of the people closest to her. The story gets even hotter when Kelli and an old partner team up and meet the enemy on his own turf.
While reading this book, the images were so clear that they danced in front of me. The police department dialogue and the date, hour and time prompts moved the story along and reminded me of watching a detective show on television. Storm Rising was a thrilling ride that kept me glued to my seat. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lisa Taylor is the Author of The Hour of Tiamat and Book of Dreams and Nightmares

The Hour of Tiamat

We've all heard of the Mayan predictions of a vast change coming in the year 2012; but it turns out the ancient Sumerian people had a very similar prophecy… 

The dreaded Necronomicon, a book of fable said to contain all the ancient knowledge of the Sumerian civilization has surfaced and fallen into the hands of four teenagers in a small Texas town. Tonight, after years of studying its dark teachings in secret, they gather to call back to Earth those Gods that tried to enslave humanity over ten thousand years ago, and in turn become rulers themselves. 

Under threat of his life, Tristan helps them complete the ritual; but does that mean it is too late to stop this apocalypse? With Evelyn, whose past and future seem inextricably linked to Tristan, their friend Hunter and a host of surprising paranormal helpers, Tristan will race against murderers, monsters, and time itself to shut the ancient gate before our evil creators are upon us again.

Book of Dreams and Nightmares

This book of poetry describes in vivid imagery the fantastic landscapes and dark creatures from beyond your worst nightmares and your most beautiful dreams! A memoir of my own imagination, these sometimes sinister, sometimes breathtaking, but always intense dreams will leave you thinking twice about closing your own eyes at night!

Crystallized-Book 1 of the Crystal Chronicles (Coming soon)

Rachael Elizabeth can proudly say that she isn't a typical fifteen year old girl.

Unfortunately, she's surrounded by people who want her to be. In a world that doesn't reward individuality, she leads a frustrating existence. Between parents who want her to get married and peers that want her to stop asking questions, she is thankful for her only friend Annalise.
But if she thought she was strange before, that's nothing compared to after the dream. Rachael is used to having strange dreams, but when a powerful crystal necklace jumps from her dreams to real life, her world is turned upside down. Add a book with no writing, a cryptic message from a vanishing woman, and a faery named Ki who seems to know more about Rachael than Rachael does, and she is soon doubting her sanity; at least until Annalise has the same dream.

Now a darkness is growing in the forest and Rachael and Annalise are finding that powers in a structure driven society are hard to hide. Driven out of their town and with nowhere to run, they must find a way to stop a demonic takeover that could destroy their world. Discover the beginning of an epic journey in which the girls will not only begin to discover other worlds, but the magical origins of their own. Book 1 of the Crystal Chronicles.

Lisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor has been writing since she was only nine years old. Moving around the country as a child, books were her constant friend and learning new things was her favorite pass time. 

At eighteen years old, Lisa was accepted to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. She graduated in May of 2010 with a degree in physics. During her time in the military she traveled all over the world. Unfortunately, she was soon medically discharged from the military, and after a short time at graduate school, she began to publish her writing. 

Her debut novel, The Hour of Tiamat and the poetry anthology Book of Dreams and Nightmares are currently for sale. She also wrote an action series of short stories, the Shana Black series. She lives in Kentucky with her sister and two beautiful Border Collies, and she is currently writing the first book of her upcoming fantasy trilogy The Crystal Chronicles.