Saturday, March 24, 2012


Great Story; Great Characterization

This Historical Young Adult Fiction story portrays David Bastien's early life. Born into an aristocratic American family in the 1920's, David is a handsome lad who displays an extraordinary mind, an abundant musical talent, and a considerable amount of arrogance. Until the age of ten, David exercises his intellectual and familial power over everyone who crosses his path. His upper-class upbringing comes to a drastic halt when he and his brother are kidnapped and held for ransom. David is never found and presumed dead. David's mental power and inner strength never fail him as he faces the hard life of a penniless, homeless pre-teen in the 1930's. David struggles and claws his way through nearly impossible situations. He holds on to his pride and identity when cruel overseers try to strip them from him. The book closes as young David looks forward to a promising future with his newfound love. David's story continues in "Class Collision: Phoenix Rising".  

This epic tale captures the essence of life during the Great Depression in various locations across the United States. The outstanding characterization in this story is reminiscent of beloved Dickens' tales. The historical nuances make it a wonderful read for young people. by Alle's 5 Star Reviews

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