Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reader's Choice Book Reviews Top 10 Books of 2010

  1. A Higher Court by John L. Betcher. This entertaining and thought provoking read will appeal to readers from all denominations, to those unsure of their faith, and even to those who consider themselves atheists. John L. Betcher doesn’t preach or push his own beliefs on his audience. His research is intensive and he presents the facts and his findings for the reader to decide. A Higher Court will definitely have you considering or reconsidering your thoughts on God. This book is well written in every aspect. It caught my interest early, and kept me hooked with insightful information, crisp dialogue, and then finally, an ending I didn’t see coming. I can’t imagine anyone reading A Higher Court and not feeling moved to recommend it to a friend or family member. I asked my wife to read it.
    1. The Haunting of Andrew Sharpai by Jerome Peterson Author Jerome Peterson has crafted an extremely entertaining novel. The characters are well developed, especially the hero/drifter Andrew, and the strong, mysterious yet vulnerable Iris. The quirky and intelligent Lily adds a humorous touch without the precociousness so often seen in young fictitious characters. The Haunting of Andrew Sharpai cast a spell on me—I couldn’t stop reading until I knew how it turned out. Suspense, a fast pace, plot twists, romance, wacky animals, and family bonds make this one of the best books I’ve read in 2010. If you enjoy a great paranormal thriller, The Haunting of Andrew Sharpai is a must read!

    3. Gone Away Into The Land By Jeffrey B. Allen Jeffrey B. Allen showcases his considerable imagination and writing talent in creating an entire universe. His lead is a believable, lovable character with which readers young and old will quickly bond. The villains are wonderfully horrible and easy to loathe, without overshadowing the hero. The secondary characters are interesting, fresh and well drawn. The dialogue is crisp and clear and well suited to the vast variety of creatures and peoples. Allen slowly reveals his characters' secrets along the way, keeping the reader captivated throughout. He wastes none of these nearly 500 pages, using suspense and vibrant description to keep the pages turning. He brings all the players together in a David versus Goliath-type showdown for the ages that will have you rooting for John to the end. I believe it will become the next time-tested classic fantasy tale, universally adored and mentioned in the same breath as The Wizard of Oz, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Lord of The Rings. I highly recommend this thought-provoking, entertaining read.

    1. Wyndano’s Cloak by A.R. Silverberry
    2. A Promise Kept by Elise Crawford
    3. The IT Handbook for Business by William C. Couie
    4. All Eyes: A Memoir of Deafness by Bainy B. Cyrus
    5. Talion by Mary Maddox
    6. No Greater Sacrifice by John C. Stipa
    7. Please God, Not Two by Alberta Sequeira