Thursday, August 18, 2011

Book Review: The Beautiful Evil by Robbi Sommers Bryant

A Mind Blowing Experience

‘The Beautiful Evil,’ by author, Robbi Sommers Bryant, takes you on a trip down a long dark path through madness. Under the control of a domineering mother, added to the loss of her father, Constance fights the demons that lurk at every corner.

Ms. Bryant manages to weave a story of psychological suspense using characters that are disturbingly real, and distressing situations that while maybe the reader cannot relate to – will certainly sympathize with. The author asks, “How well do you know yourself?” We all have our inner demons – no question of that. It is how we react to our evil thoughts that are of great importance. Why are some of us able to control our demons and others not? What happens when the mind loses all sense of reality? Insanity.

Constance Sartone Jacobson is a young woman struggling to find her identity. Stripped of all self-respect, taunted, and mentally abused from a young age by the hands of her mother, she desperately searches for inner peace – but to no avail. Grieving for her deceased father for whom she had thought was a saint, she finds out even he was not without flaws. When she visits an antique shop, she is mysteriously drawn to a Greek vase. After a strange encounter with the shopkeeper – a peculiar recluse of sorts, she purchases the vase and retreats. Upon opening the vase, she sets free ‘Beautiful Evil.’

‘The Beautiful Evil’ is a riveting, hypnotic tale – one of which I believe its presentation is unique and genius. Bravo Ms. Bryant – Bravo!
Highly recommended by Reviewer by Barbara Watkins,

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