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Heartache and Sin by Charles Soto

Heartache & Sin
Charles Soto
BookSurge Publishing (April 23, 2009)
Reader’s Choice Rating 5 Stars

Heartache & Sin by Charles Soto is a powerful, emotional tale of love, faith, family, and survival. This is fiction for the thinking reader that may have you revisiting your beliefs on abortion and perhaps questioning your opinions of organized religion.

Steven and Karen Wheaton live in small town North Dakota. They have a wholesome, happy, American lifestyle with a loving, passionate marriage and large Sunday dinners with family and friends on the farm. All that is missing is a family of their own. This is where the trouble begins—when Karen is diagnosed with diabetes and is strongly advised to not get pregnant. Karen dreams of becoming a mother and cannot come to terms with the thought of living her life without children.

Pastor Ryan McDonald runs the Church of Resurrection. Ryan has the knack for gaining peoples’ trust through intimidation and trickery. He convinces his congregation that he is a Prophet and that he can end the drought that is crippling the community. Ryan exploits the naïve and insecure, and when the rains come, his following strengthens. Karen is drawn to Ryan as she is desperate for any help with her health issues and is certain that through prayer and the pastor she will be cured.

Steven sees the pastor for what he truly is: a lying, deceitful, brainwashing psycho, who must control everything and everyone around him. When Karen learns she is expecting, Steven struggles with the thought of losing his wife if she attempts carrying the baby to term. Pastor Ryan convinces Karen to continue the pregnancy despite the serious health risk, and begins to use Karen to further his campaign against a local abortion clinic.

The ongoing battle for Karen between Stephen and Ryan kept the pages turning as I became invested and deeply concerned for both baby and mother and how it would play out.

Author Charles Soto has infused enough conflict, tension, fear, and suspense to keep readers riveted throughout the 510 pages. This is his first novel, however, he writes like a seasoned pro. His characters are well developed and believable. He descriptions are vivid; his dialogue authentic. This book is difficult to put down and will be long remembered after you turn the final page. Highly Recommended.

Reviewed by William Potter for Reader’s Choice Book Reviews

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